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transparent glass

  • Blown glass bottles

    We are one of the leading companies specializing in glass processing in Germany. We supply EHV both glass bottles and amber glass bottles. They are used in medical industry. They are used with rubber closures which may be perforated.

    Cosmetics industry

    Our glass products may be used as containers for essential oils and other types of oils. We offer bottles for oils in different size, so our customers are able to find any product they need. We provide all sizes of pharmacentical bottles. They are available in amber glass or transparent glass. One of the advantages of transparent EVH glass is the ability to see the contents of the bottle undisturbed while amber glass reduces UV and protects contents against it.

    We offer all bottles with matching closures.

    We are ready to answer all of your questions.

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    Their advantages:
    • high quality
    • amber and transparent glass
    • matching closures
    • safe food
    • universal application

    Typical applications:
    • pharmacy as pharmacentical products containers
    • cosmetic industry – containers for oils
    • medical liquids containers
    Volume Volume
    min.: 5 ml
    max.: 100 ml

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