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Test tubes rimless

Round bottom laboratory test tubes made of clear or brown glass, disposable test tubes made of Soda-Lime glass or reusable test tubes made of borosilicat glass, fine fire polished end and perfectly formed round bottom.

Test tubes with rim

Culture lab test tubes manufactured from tubing, exacting formed glass rim. Superior tubing quality only hydrolytic class type 1 - 3 , usable tissue culture and blood bank..

Small glass vials

Small tubes Culture and test tubes parfume bottles, all kind and colours of parfume stoppers. Amber glass samples tubes and clear glass sample tubes, glass tube decoration as round screen print.

Glass containers for pills

Bottles with a flared lip made from transparent of brown glass are available in many diameters. It is also possible to order fitting bottle tops in various colours.

Flat bottom glass containers

Flat bottom glass containers with or without a stopper as well as small cylindrical Illax or AR glass containers.

Test tubes with a thread

Threaded containers in the shape of glass tubes, with screw tops, starting from the smallest sizes up to 150 ml.

Glass tubes

Technical Ilmatherm I-880 glass tubes and Duran 3.3 glass tubes, machining of glass tubes as per specification.

Screen printing on glass

Printing on glass allows to furnish OEM type products with logos, possibility of applying alphanumerical characters to glass tubes, bar codes in the form of screen printing.

Centrifuge tubes

Thick walled centrifuge tubes, if required for use in an autoclave, temp, range -50°C to +135°C.

Petri dish

Petri dish may be practiced in laboratories and in biology and chemistry.


We supply a wide offer of conical corks. They are widely applied. We offer corks for test tubes and flat bottom glass for medical industry, food industry and laboratories.

Ribbed cork

We offer a wide range of ribbed corks and casing caps.

Blown glass bottles

We offer ETH glass bottles, pharmacentical and medical amber glass, transparent and blown glass bottles.

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