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data protection terms

  • Data protection terms

    Legal guidelines

    Thank you for visiting our website and interest in our high quality glass products.

    The protection of the private sphere of an entity on the Internet is currently of extreme importance. Sommerschmied GmbH Labor- & Verpackungsglas, by way of this declarations, wishes to contribute through its commitment to data protection to ensure a safe and competent processing thereof on the Internet emphasising the need to protect the private sphere or rights of an entity.

    Guideline of responsibility:

    Despite diligent control we shall not be responsible for the content of the pages to which external links point. The operators of the linked pages are unquestionably responsible for their content.


    On some of our pages you may be asked to provide personal data. The provision of your personal data is voluntary. All data sent by you shall be used, processed and stored by us in accordance with German provisions within the scope of data protection. Only if you register with the use of one of our forms will we be able to  sent information and / or data and other information relating to products and advertising materials.

    All personal data obtained by us shall be collected with respect to a single purpose and shall be used to perform agreements and provide answers to posed questions. The provision of your data to third parties shall only occur upon your express permission, otherwise it shall not take place. At any time you may approach our company to issue the stored data. At any time you may retract your permission to use data which shall also be effective in the future. To do that contact our telephone helpline. 04321 49995 0 (currently the cost is not known, June 2013) Mon - Sun from 9.00 to 12.00 and 14 to 16.00 (CET)


    Cookies are small text files which may be saved on the hard drives of people visiting a website. Information contained in cookies facilitate your navigation and allow navigation and the correct display of our website pages. Cookies are not harmful to you computers (PC/MAC) and do not contain viruses. You may view our pages without saving cookies by setting the “do not accept Cookies” option on your browser. Information regarding this function are contained in the browser instruction manual.


    All rights reserved In particular text, images, graphics, logos and all other visual and acoustic methods for  presenting our website as well as their position are subject to protection in the form of copyrights and further acts within the scope of protection. We wish to indicate that out pages also contain images and graphics which are subject to third party copyright protection. Commercial use  and copying, disseminating and changing illustrations and contents of our web pages is strictly forbidden.

    Liability exclusion

    We control the content of our website on an ongoing basis and with due diligence. Despite these actions we are unable to guarantee that there are no mistakes or errors in the provided information. All responsibility on account of damages occurred, which stem from the use of our website is excluded. We shall not be responsible for external content to which a link points from our website. Similarly we shall not be liable for external content which has been made available by third parties without our cooperation on our website, and in particular in the form of links, popup windows, banners or dialogue windows.

    If you require further assistance in this matter, or have any doubts please contact us suing the following e-mail address:

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Google Analytics

    Sommerschmied GmbH websites use the Google Analytics function, a service by Google Inc. /USA. Currently Google Analytics uses  “Cookies” Information generated with the use of Cookies, pertaining to the use of Sommerschmied GmbH web pages including the IP address are transferred and stored at designated location of their registration by Google abroad. In using the website you agree for Google to use them in an aforementioned manner and for the purpose as described above.

    Remuneration doe using illustrations / illegal use of illustrations

    Pictures which are used in the event of Sommerschmied GmbH product description are without exception subject to copyright protection. Whereas copyrights for the use of in the event of a single illustration are owned exclusively by Sommerschmied GmbH, Sommerschmied GmbH shall receive from an entity/ person interested in the use of an illustration for an agreed copying, dissemination, public display (via the Internet) and/or changing the illustration, appropriate remuneration on account of the use thereof. The remuneration unless agreed otherwise, shall be for Internet, Intranet, website design, adverts in the form of a banner, online shop (advertising/PR/Corporate Publishing):

    • for a period of use of up to 1 week, for displaying within an advert in the form of a banner EUR 180.00 on the home page EUR 90.00 and EUR 60.00 on a sub page,
    • for a period of use of up to 1 month , for displaying within an advert in the form of a banner EUR 300.00 on the home page EUR 150,00 and EUR 100.00 on a sub page,
    • for a period of use of up to 3 months , for displaying within an advert in the form of a banner EUR 450.00 on the home page EUR 225,00 and EUR 150.00 on a sub page,
    • for a period of use of up to 6 months , for displaying within an advert in the form of a banner EUR 540.00 on the home page EUR 270,00 and EUR 180.00 on a sub page
    • for a period of use of up to 1 year , for displaying within an advert in the form of a banner EUR 930.00 on the home page EUR 465,00 and EUR 310.00 on a sub page

    Information pertaining to the remuneration amount are provided in Euro, net of VAT and always with reference to one illustration. In the event of an extension of the use period an additional payment is charged in the amount equal to 50% for the additional period. In the event of  the use of illustrations within the scope of a commercial online shop the above amounts in euro plus 50% shall apply.

    In the event of illegal copying, dissemination in particular public display (via the Internet) and/or changing illustrations Temprix shall receive a contractual penalty from the user conducting activity a contractual penalty in the amount equal to three times the remuneration for such use. The right to pursue further claims on this account remains unaffected. An unauthorised user may demonstrate that on the part of Temprix the occurrence of damage did not take place or the damage was of a significantly lower amount than the above mentioned lump sum value.

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