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  • Glass containers for pills

    Just a few years ago, glass containers for pills were the main packaging's tor pharmaceutical products. Today such high quality containers are used within the sphere of science, industry and also everyday life.

    Regardless of the pill container size, we are able to supply correctly sized bottle tops and stoppers in various colours. Apart from the high quality transparent glass we also use special brown glass fo our glass container, eliminating the effects of UV radiation on the contents of the container. Transparent or brown flat bottom glass containers will certainly meet your manufacturing specifications. All pill containers may also be supplied with individual screen print on glass.

    We look forward to your enquiries.

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    Detailed properties
    • Large selection of glassware
    • Large selection of tops
    • Brown glass and transparent glass
    • High quality glass packaging
    • Prints
    • Custom sizes available

    Typical uses
    • Glass containers for nourishments
    • Containers for veterinary pills
    • Containers for cosmetics tablets
    • Glass containers for emergency samples
    • Alternative medicine

    Types of glass
    • Transparent and brown glass
    • Jenaglass
    • Hydrolytic class 1, 2 and 3
    diameter Diameter
    min.: Ø 19 mm
    max.: Ø 32 mm
    length Length
    min.: 37 mm
    max.: 140 mm
    volume glass Volume
    min.: 5 ml
    max.: 80 ml
  • Glass tubes and rods

    We offer a wide range of glass tubes. We provide both glass cylinder tubes and tiny glass tubes.
    We are able to deliver any quantity of glass tubes to our customers.
    We offer borosilicate glass tubes and sodium-calcium glass tubes. Our glass tubes can be supplied with different expansion coefficients e.g. glass tubes – Duran 3.3 or limatherm I-880.
    Glass tubes can be made of different size and thickness if necessery.
    We also offer capillary glass tubes and glass rods.
    We also provide factory certificates if necessery.

    • Sawing
    • Grinding the ends of the tubes
    • Trimming the cutting edge
    • Cooling
    • Sandblasting the surface
    • Printing and screen printing
    • Drilling in a glass tube
    • Tube segments
    • Attaching bottoms to glass tubes/flat bottom glassware

    We are ready to answer all of your questions.

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    Tooling offer:

    Its advantages:
    • Delivery from storeroom
    • Chemical resistance
    • Amber glass and transparent glass
    • High quality glass container
    • Round printing
    • ROHO compatibility
    • gauges glass
    • flow indicators
    • glass containers for electronics
    • glass insulators

    Glass types
    • transparent glass – amber glass
    • borosilicate glass
    • hydrolytic class 1, 2 and 3
    diameter Diameter
    min.: Ø 3 mm
    max.: Ø 420 mm
    length Length
    min.: 20 mm
    max.: 1600 mm
  • Petri dish

    They are used in many areas. Petri dish may be practiced in laboratories and in biology and chemistry. They are also called cultivation scales, fungus cultivation and bacteriological scales. Our Petri dish are made of high-quality AR-glass.
    All elements may be seen through neutral and transparent glass contents.

    Advantages of plastic Petri dishare:

    • Solid form
    • Heat resistance
    • High-quality
    They may be used for a long time.

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    Detailed properties
    • High quality
    • Large selection
    • Distortion free
    • Large scope

    Typical uses
    • Samples storage
    • Samples transport
    • Microorganism cultivation
    • Sample evaluation
    • Medical and biological work
    diameter Diameter
    min.: Ø 40 mm
    max.: Ø 200 mm
    height Height
    min.: 12 mm
    max.: 50 mm
    Item number    Product name    Diameter    Height
    01.3511.1470 Petri dish 40/12 40 12
    01.3511.1471 Petri dish 50/12 50 12
    01.3511.1472 Petri dish 60/12 60 12
    01.3511.1426 Petri dish 60/15 60 15
    01.3511.1473 Petri dish 70/15 70 15
    01.3511.1428 Petri dish 80/15 80 15
    01.3511.1474 Petri dish 90/15 90 15
    01.3511.1475 Petri dish 100/10 100 10
    01.3511.1430 Petri dish 100/15 100 15
    01.3511.1440 Petri dish 100/20 100 20
    01.3511.1444 Petri dish 120/20 120 20
    01.3511.1460 Petri dish 150/25 150 25
    01.3511.1464 Petri dish 180/30 180 30
    01.3511.1468 Petri dish 200/30 200 30
    01.3511.1469 Petri dish 200/50 200 50
  • Screen printing on glass

    We are able to meet all of your expectations - staring from prints on laboratory glass containers to the application of a bar code and special scales on test tubes. All under one roof, including effective execution of the prepress stage. Our flexible glass manufacturing allows to fulfil orders of even a small number of tubes with screen printing on glass.
    A fill range of RAL and Pantone colours available for our screen printing on glass. We will be glad to provide you with advice on your order.

    Detailed properties
    • Excellent quality
    • Large colour spectrum
    • All from one company
    • Possibility on implementing a scale for the contacts of glass containers
    • Custom orders possible

    Typical uses
    • Laboratory glassware
    • Glass packaging for sales
    • Medicinal product packaging
    • Pharmaceutical packaging's
    • Used for feeding animals
    • Bonding technologies
    • Cassettes / containers

    Types of glass
    • Transparent glass
    • Brown glass
    diameter Diameter
    min.: Ø 6 mm
    max.: Ø 48 mm
    length Length
    min.: 38 mm
    max.: 300 mm
    volume glass Volume
    min.: 0,5 ml
    max.: 150 ml
  • Test tubes with rim

    Test tubes with rim, sometimes referred to as vials are used for chemical reactions and laboratory tests. A test tube of this type of ten used as a container. Apart from the broad range of standard glass products we also manufacture test tubes in accordance with the dimensions specified by the client, always in a flexible and competent manner.
    Additionally we offer the opportunity to place decorative print on thetest tubes with rimor possibility to supply special cork stoppers with respect to individual containers. We are able to provide the right solution for everyone.
    High quality of our test tubes allows easy handling during filling of the glass tubes.

    We look forward to your enquiries.

    Contact us here: Contact form

    Detailed properties
    • Constant quality
    • Excellent glass transmission
    • Ideal temperature parameters
    • All from one company, glassware + corks
    • Scale
    • Per your request possibility to sterilise using Gamma radiation
    Typical uses
    • Lab samples
    • Glass storage containers
    • Ideal for foodstuffs
    • Glass containers for samples
    • Glass vials
    • Medicinal product packaging

    • Transparent and brown glass
    • Jena and soda-lime glass
    • ydrolytic class 1, 2 and 3
    • Duran glass tubes
    diameter Diameter
    min.: Ø 8 mm
    max.: Ø 30 mm
    length Length
    min.: 45 mm
    max.: 280 mm
    glass volume Volume
    min.: 5 ml
    max.: 250 ml

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