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  • Corks


    We supply a wide offer of conical corks. They are widely applied. We offer corks for glass test tubes and flat bottom glass for medical industry, food industry and laboratories.

    Our medical closures may safely close food products and oils. Our conical corks close precisely all test tubes and other round containers.

    Our corks are made of high quality oak. They do not carry odour. They are safe for food products.

    We also offer corks without test tubes.

    We are ready to answer all of your questions.

    Their advantages:

    • high A-quality
    • test tubes with matching corks both from one manufacturer
    • perfectly matched cork form to our test tubes
    • flavour free
    • safe food products
    • perfect closure guaranteed by conical form
    • made of European cork oak

    Typical applications:
    • perfect closure for glass tubes
    • medical cork
    • food industry use
    • laboratories use
    diameter Diameter
    min.: Ø 10 mm
    max.: Ø 32 mm
    Height Height
    min.: 22 mm
    max.: 27 mm

    Item number Product name Height
    The outer diameter
    of cork
    ST.3211.P049 Corks
    22 x Ø11/8 mm
    22mm 8mm 11mm Ø10
    ST.3211.P099 Corks
    22 x Ø12/9 mm
    22mm 9mm 12mm Ø12
    ST.3211.P050 Corks
    22 x Ø14/11 mm
    22mm 11mm 14mm Ø14
    ST.3211.P051 Corks
    22 x Ø15/12 mm
    22mm 12mm 15mm Ø15
    ST.3211.P082 Corks
    22 x Ø16/13 mm
    22mm 13mm 16mm Ø16
    ST.3211.P052 Corks
    22 x Ø17/14 mm
    22mm 14mm 17mm Ø17
    ST.3211.P096 Corks
    22 x Ø18/15 mm
    22mm 15mm 18mm Ø18
    ST.3211.P054 Corks
    22 x Ø19/16 mm
    22mm 16mm 19mm Ø19
    ST.3211.P249 Corks
    22 x Ø20/17 mm
    22mm 17mm 20mm Ø20
    ST.3211.P248 Corks
    22 x Ø21/17 mm
    22mm 17mm 21mm Ø21
    ST.3211.P053 Corks
    22 x Ø22/18 mm
    22mm 18mm 22mm Ø22
    ST.3211.P070 Corks
    27 x Ø23/19 mm
    27mm 19mm 23mm Ø23
    ST.3211.P055 Corks
    27 x Ø24/20 mm
    27mm 20mm 24mm Ø24
    ST.3211.P074 Corks
    27 x Ø26/22 mm
    27mm 22mm 26mm Ø26
    ST.3211.P057 Corks
    27 x Ø28/24 mm
    27mm 24mm 28mm Ø28
    ST.3211.P058 Corks
    27 x Ø30/26 mm
    27mm 26mm 30mm Ø30
    ST.3211.P059 Corks
    27 x Ø32/28 mm
    27mm 28mm 32mm Ø32

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