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screen printing on glass

  • Screen printing on glass

    We are able to meet all of your expectations - staring from prints on laboratory glass containers to the application of a bar code and special scales on test tubes. All under one roof, including effective execution of the prepress stage. Our flexible glass manufacturing allows to fulfil orders of even a small number of tubes with screen printing on glass.
    A fill range of RAL and Pantone colours available for our screen printing on glass. We will be glad to provide you with advice on your order.

    Detailed properties
    • Excellent quality
    • Large colour spectrum
    • All from one company
    • Possibility on implementing a scale for the contacts of glass containers
    • Custom orders possible

    Typical uses
    • Laboratory glassware
    • Glass packaging for sales
    • Medicinal product packaging
    • Pharmaceutical packaging's
    • Used for feeding animals
    • Bonding technologies
    • Cassettes / containers

    Types of glass
    • Transparent glass
    • Brown glass
    diameter Diameter
    min.: Ø 6 mm
    max.: Ø 48 mm
    length Length
    min.: 38 mm
    max.: 300 mm
    volume glass Volume
    min.: 0,5 ml
    max.: 150 ml

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