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cylinder tubes

  • Glass tubes and rods

    We offer a wide range of glass tubes. We provide both glass cylinder tubes and tiny glass tubes.
    We are able to deliver any quantity of glass tubes to our customers.
    We offer borosilicate glass tubes and sodium-calcium glass tubes. Our glass tubes can be supplied with different expansion coefficients e.g. glass tubes – Duran 3.3 or limatherm I-880.
    Glass tubes can be made of different size and thickness if necessery.
    We also offer capillary glass tubes and glass rods.
    We also provide factory certificates if necessery.

    • Sawing
    • Grinding the ends of the tubes
    • Trimming the cutting edge
    • Cooling
    • Sandblasting the surface
    • Printing and screen printing
    • Drilling in a glass tube
    • Tube segments
    • Attaching bottoms to glass tubes/flat bottom glassware

    We are ready to answer all of your questions.

    Contact us here: Contact form

    Tooling offer:

    Its advantages:
    • Delivery from storeroom
    • Chemical resistance
    • Amber glass and transparent glass
    • High quality glass container
    • Round printing
    • ROHO compatibility
    • gauges glass
    • flow indicators
    • glass containers for electronics
    • glass insulators

    Glass types
    • transparent glass – amber glass
    • borosilicate glass
    • hydrolytic class 1, 2 and 3
    diameter Diameter
    min.: Ø 3 mm
    max.: Ø 420 mm
    length Length
    min.: 20 mm
    max.: 1600 mm

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