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brown glass

  • Flat bottom glass

    Flat bottom glassare useful laboratory glassware for analytical tests with the use of laboratory test rigs. Slight glass containers are becoming more popular as they constitute an easy access simple quality container. Small glass containers for analyses with constant high quality constitute one of the flagship Sommerschmied GmbH products. 
    We also offer resuable test tubes with rund bottoms for chemical and medical purposes.

    These small flat bottom glass bottles are manufactures using high quality brown glass or AR glass. It is possible to custom match transparent or colour stoppers. 

    We look forward to your enquiries.

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    Detailed properties
    • Possibility to supply large quantities
    • Lamella tops
    • High quality brown glass
    • Packaging according to client specification
    • Also available with round bottoms

    Typical uses
    • Laboratory analysis
    • Vets
    • Test tubes
    • Glass containers for emergency samples
    • Alternative medicine

    Types of glass
    • Transparent and brown glass
    • Illax, brown and A-glass
    • Hydrolytic class 1, 2 and 3
    diameter Diameter
    min.: Ø 6 mm
    max.: Ø 14 mm
    length Length
    min.: 35 mm
    max.: 100 mm
    volume glass Volume
    min.: 0,5 ml
    max.: 12 ml
  • Test tubes with a thread

    Due to the flexibility in working with glass afforded by our modern manufacturing machines, we are able to supply a wide range of various products. Beside our test tubes with round bottom and test tubes with a flared lip, we also offer test tubes with a thread for a save closing.
    Apart from transparent glass, we are also able to work with brown glass. On top of the standard DIN 14 and DIN 18 threads, other formats are also available.
    We are able to supply simple screw on tops, tops with drippers and top and ring systems. Just complete the contact form and we will take care of your order.

    We look forward to your enquiries.

    Contact us here: Contact form

    Detailed properties
    • Constant quality of vials/bottles
    • GL18 and other threads
    • Temperature resistance
    • All from one company, glassware + screw tops
    • Glass tube printing
    • Sterilisation possibility for glass vials and tops

    Typical uses
    • Lab vials
    • Storage of liquids
    • Culture tubes with screw top
    • Aromatic oil containers
    • Glass containers for cosmetics
    • Blood analysis test tubes
    • Medicinal product packaging

    Types of glass
    • Transparent and brown glass
    • Neutral and soda-lime glass
    • Different hydrolytic classes
    diameter Diameter
    min.: Ø 12 mm
    max.: Ø 30 mm
    length Length
    min.: 60 mm
    max.: 200 mm
    volume glass Volume
    min.: 5 ml
    max.: 150 ml

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